behind the Scenes

PLA 3D printed
2015 - 2017

A blurry shape, incessantly changing a bit according to viewpoints, is emerging from the heart of a three-dimensional thing.  It seems confined in an opaque space like a coagulated haze.  The eyes first catch just the clear-cut outer structure; however, the figure also exists within even though it looks like a phantom.  To put it another way, two distinctive beings cohabit in the same space and time.  This weird compound throws the following question:  What is the essence of this, the fuzzy inner shape or the clear outer solid?

In New York City, the very incarnation of a monstrous diversity, I realized being actually classified just as a kind of set consisting of several characteristics.  I am being seen as an (a)Asian (b)female (c)speaking English as a second language (d)in the thirties regardless of my own rich history; simultaneously, I am also marking others just by their ethnicity, age, gender, etc. in order to classify them amidst astounding assortment.  The reason of those perspectives is simply ‘economy’; it is too tiring and to comprehend others thoroughly.  After all, his/her meaningless attributes have been left on stage while one real individual being has gone behind the scenes.

Against such a world, these 3D printed works address that one individual thing should be regarded as a microcosm itself though hidden under the skin.  Every human being should deserve lots of exertions so as to understand him/her properly; moreover, a mutual understanding each other is a beginning for communicating.  The 3D printing technology allows me to fabricate directly one object between numerous interior cracks of an outer structure; consequently, a hazy image of the inner object locked between a myriad of infills of the entire structure only floats at the very right angle of viewpoint.  In fact, the interior structure in the 3D printing is a little troublesome; because it takes unnecessarily a lot of plastic materials to fill it even though it is unseen under the surface of objects.  However, porous pattern of the 3D printed interior rather works as an essential element to cause a kind of optical illusion, which makes viewers constantly change their viewpoints in order to grasp an entire picture of the works.