Monuments for the Rejected
Solo Exhibition
Apr 22. - May 3, 2015
Chashama 266, New York, US

"All of the wood pieces in this exhibition are filled with agony.  They were originally scaffolding used in construction sites to build the present of New York City.  However, they were thrown away after they became useless as supporting materials after becoming broken, rotten or washed out."

Eunjin Kim paid attention to their history of pains at the moment she discovered them; she tried to preserve their scars themselves as they were, in order to remember their forgotten history.  The spiral structure of scaffolding which resembles that of DNA stands alone unlike the past when they just supported others.  Their fractures are supported by kinds of prosthetic frames neatly manufactured by using cutting-edge 3D printing technology.  Their stories hidden under the surface are disclosed vividly through empty spaces of those wire frames.

About the Artist:
Eunjin Kim is a sculptor born in Korea.  Agony was always in the main theme of her artwork. After realizing that every wood bears its own distinctive history of scars like knots and fractures ravaged by external forces and hidden under the bark, she was fascinated by excavating and disclosing them for herself.  Consequently, she decided to practice under Korean artisans of Buddhist woodcarving after graduating.  Five years' experience have given her a deeper understanding of wood.